Smoking Meat Requires Good Instructions

I have enjoyed smoked meat all my life since both my father and brother know how the process works. I never really learned the skill myself, but enjoyed the smoked fish, pork and poultry all the same. Now that I have moved some distance from my childhood home, I may need to learn how to smoke meat on my own. 

I'm guessing the my first step in learning to smoke meat will be to purchase a recipe book or guide about the proper way to do it. The next step will be to purchase a smoker or grill with a smoker attachment, which will probably come with a set of instructions and possibly a few recipes.

Although I have grilled, roasted and pan-fried meat enough to be familiar with the various kinds, I will need more information about different cuts before I begin smoking. It is also important to know which kind of wood to use with different types of meat. There is so much to learn about smoking meat, so it is necessary to have a comprehensive guide explaining everything I will need to know. Of course, I can always ask my brother to fill me in on everything he knows about the subject.

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