Best smoker cooking tips of all time

Tips for smoking meat on a electric grill

smoking meatSoon the summer season will be upon us and the barbecues will begin. One of the best things about summertime barbecues is the opportunity to try smoked meats. Unless you are a vegetarian, most barbecue enthusiasts love their summertime fill of deliciously smoked beef, chicken, and pork.

One of the best ways to smoke meat is to buy yourself a quality barbecue and meat smoker unit. There are many of these units available for a relatively affordable price at many of your retail outlets and online.  

When you begin your shopping adventure for the best type of meat to buy you should ask your local butcher fir his advice. He should be able to tell you which are the best portions to choose, how long to smoke the meat for,  and which type of wood is better to use. After all, they are the meat professionals. 

The next important point to remember is that each type of wood produces a different flavor. Some of the different types of wood are maple, apple, oak, pecan, hickory, cherry, and alder. These are just a few of the tips that can help you to become the best meat smoker in town.


Simple Tips For Smoking Chicken

I have been looking around everywhere for tips on smoking chicken and the results seem to vary quite a bit. I know that there have been times where I have tasted smoked chicken that was incredible and then other times I have noticed it to be too overpowering or the chicken simply came out too dry in the end. I would really like to be able to have a recipe or some tips that will help me to smoke either parts or whole chicken that ends up with mouth watering results. 

I know that some say that there are certain wood options, such as mesquite, that tend to give the chicken a better flavor while smoking. I am still up in the air as to whether or not there is a need to marinate the chicken first overnight or if a dry rub will be sufficient. I have tried both and neither really produced the results that I am looking for, however I am new to it and am willing to keep trying. 

I have found that taking at least three or four hours extra can make a world of difference and creates a wonderful hint of smoke to tender meat.

Tips For Smoking Award Winning Brisket

Even people who have been dabbling in barbecue for many years will tell you that it can be difficult to get a smoked brisket just right. There is a lot that goes into making sure that this cut of meat cooks down into a juicy and delicious bite right off of the smoker. The end result should be full of flavor and so tender that you can easily pull it apart or cut it with the side of your fork.

I have found that the simpler the seasoning I choose, the better my brisket is going to come out. After all, you have it in a smoker so you can let that do a lot of the flavoring for you. I have been known to just use salt and pepper with the end result being just as incredible as a brisket that has been dry rubbed, swabbed with sauce or both. 

Another good tip is to pay attention to the cut of meat that you are using. One of the best options is the whole packer brisket, which is a lean and flat rectangle that you can usually find at your local grocery store. This is a cut that has the right amount of fat marbled throughout that will help to tenderize the meat as it smokes and breaks down.

Help With Smoking The Best Ribs

One thing that I am learning about smoking ribs is that you have to pull the membrane off of the rib slab prior to smoking. There is really nothing worse than biting into a tough piece of membrane that is attached to the bone and this is something that can really ruin the experience no matter of great the flavor might be. The membrane actually keeps you from being able to fully season the back portion of the rack and it is a good idea to apply dry rub or sauce both sides when you get ready to smoke them.

Additionally, if I am going to be using a rub that contains sugar, it is good to remember that starting off with it in the very beginning can cause the sugar to burn and blacken. This can create a bit of an unpleasant and butter taste. Otherwise, you can put the rub on the slab in a liberal fashion, being sure to let it sit for about half an hour before putting it in the smoker to help the fibers of the meat to open up and take on the seasonings.

As you move on with your rib smoking, you are sure to find some of your own tips and tricks to make them the best ever.

Why I Used Smoking Bob's BBQ Tips

Smoking meat for a BBQ was something that I was fairly new at starting to do. However, I knew that it was going to be important for me to do because it seemed like that is what people wanted to have when they came over to my house to eat. I mean, I already raised the pork for the meals, but now they were starting to get picky on what way the pork should be prepared, even to the point of not wanting to eat the meat if it was prepared in any different manner. 

The problem I had, was I had never smoked meat before, let alone tried to smoke meat for an entire group of people. This is when I decided to look for the best tips on the marketplace. When I started to look at these tips, I found that most of them were going to refer me to a specific information or cookbook. However, this information was not always the best on the market, which is what led me to using the smoking BBQ Bob's smoker tips and recipes. When I started to use this, it was easy for me to get the meat cooked perfectly.

Tips for choose the best electric smoker

What I Use To Find The Best Electric Smoker?

When I was in the market for a new smoker, I found the choices that were in the market place were quite numerous. I mean seriously their was over five at the local store when I started shopping, granted it was the start of the season, but still that is a bit of overkill! This is when I decided to use some tips to help me in narrowing down the selection of the smokers. 

The main tip that I tend to use when looking at the smokers is how much electric they are going to draw. I know that sounds weird, but I have found some of these systems will draw more electric than what my house allows through the plugs. A second thing that I look for is what kind of wood I can use in the smoker. While it is electric, I like to get the wood smoke taste on the meat. Since this is the case, I tend to look at the different meats and the woods that are allowed to be used in the smoker. This way I can start to get the best taste for the meat and know it was smoked to perfection.

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Ideas and Tips for Electric Smoker Recipes

I have been cooking for many decades, and have discovered that very few electric smoker recipes will come out exactly the same when prepared at different places. There are many things that can influence the outcome of a meal, from the way one person chops carrots differently from another to issues regarding the tools and equipment in the kitchen.

For instance, electric smokers are a fabulous way to obtain that delicious smoked flavor for meats. With an electric one, I do not have to worry about a fire around my home, which is definitely a big plus. Not only that, it can be used whenever I want to without having to collect a bunch of other stuff, like wood or charcoal.

The fact is that smoking salmon and other meats is a great way to preserve it, especially when freshly caught or killed. However, the inconsistency in recipes can be frustrating. I have found that it is best to try out smaller batches when I am using a new electric smoker so that I know if I need to make any adjustments. This simple trick has helped me to get to know the settings on my smoker better.